Daesan Manual chain hoist

Thông số kỹ thuật Palang xích kéo tay Daesan :

 Maintenance free and handy operation.

- Anti-drop safety plate inside the cover.

- Brake cover keeps rain and dust out.

- Hook with the wide open for hoisting on multi-use size.

- Non-slip hook provides the firm grip of wire rope.

- Safety latch is bolt & nut, not riveted.

- Chain guide removes the blockade of chain rolling.

- Anchor with outer boss type to avoid accident from overwinding. 

Lifting capacity from o.5ton to 20ton

- Equipped with spur gear.

- High tensile load chains with CE standards.

- Optional for lift-falls for customers demand.

- Standard load protector for simple, automatic overload

- Little expenditure of force with full load.

- Slewing load and suspension hook.

- Low pressure brake holds the load in every position.

- Load chain for added strength and durability, with strict 

- Lift wheel pockets for easier and smooth free change. 

- Optional for galvanized load chain or higher liftfall.